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Mind Body Boost launches app to aid intervention and improve students’ mental and physical wellbeing

The Mind Body Boost consortium have developed an application to aid the intervention implementation and to improve student's mental health and wellbeing across Europe. Innovatise’s myFitApp was selected as the application platform due to its flexibility which allows a wide variety of visual styles and custom user experiences to be implemented, while having an app management web interface that is simple enough to allow someone with no prior experience to quickly learn and operate all its components.

The ability to adapt the app quickly and easily was an important requirement for the team. The Mind Body Boost project is a pilot project, so content is constantly being changed or updated in response to feedback received.

The myFitApp platform easily accommodates this type of dynamic project. With user experience configurations to fit all situations, Mind Body Boost was able to easily configure its own app in-house, through one single ‘master site’ that could be replicated and adapted across all seven European sites.

The programme consists of a six-week (one session per week), custom-designed, fitness and mental intervention delivered by experts in sports and counseling services.

The app is designed with two functions – the provision of additional resources to supplement the material presented during the programme, and a centralised place to host various surveys used to collect feedback data regarding the efficiency of the programme and feedback of delivery.

Alexander Morrison, Mind Body Boost project assistant, said:

“The seamless integration of both functions within one app tool allows the students to access excellent online resources, alongside the surveys we need to collect data about the programme."

The app provides a central location for the students to access any resources they might need throughout the programme.

This content includes a summary of the material presented during the course, a bank of additional online resources which provide students with a variety of mindfulness exercises and exercise classes, and importantly it hosts several resources to signpost students to professional help when in crisis.

The usefulness of the app extends past the student’s participation in the programme.

The App can also be used as a reference when students would like to refresh their understanding of the topics presented.

Innovatise, the company behind myFitApp, supports over 2,300 gyms, leisure centres and universities and it’s important to the team to be able to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of individuals all over the world.

Thomas Schuster, Innovatise CEO, said:

“We’re delighted to be able to support the incredible vision of the Mind Body Boost project. At Innovatise, we’re dedicated to providing solutions to organisations that directly support individuals with their physical and mental health, and this project encapsulates that, into one app. The Mind Body Boost programme really showcases the flexibility and depth of our app solution and we’re extremely proud of that.”

To discover the myFitApp solution, click here.

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