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Training Workshops with MBB trainers to ensure consistent programme implementation.

On 8th December 2021, Mind Body Boost trainers from all partner institutions met online to discuss local implementation of the first pilot of the Mind Body Boost interventions. These type of training reviews will be implemented throughout the project duration to promote idea sharing and to ensure consistency across all partner institutions. The trainer sessions are divided into Mind feedback sessions, consisting of our wellbeing trainers and counsellors, and Body feedback sessions, consisting of our physical activity specialists and fitness instructors.

These review sessions were designed to give each group the freedom to express their informed opinions and share ideas on how to develop the material featured in the manual pertaining to their area. It also showcased the diversity of the European organisations interaction with physical activity and wellbeing, bettering the project’s development through cultural exchange. From anecdotal evidence gathered at the local level, the Mind session has highlighted a great deal of engagement with the core concepts of MBB by participants. The trainers have even suggested the need to increase the time dedicated to mental wellbeing throughout the interventions or providing supplementary material. In comparison, the Body session reported that the manual material could ideally be more adaptable to the individual skills of the partners teams. On a positive note, all trainers highlighted how beneficial the material and interventions were for the participants and provided feedback that supported the self-reflection of the attendees.

These sessions will be utilised to inform the partners of Mind Body Boost of required changes to the programme material or structure, presented as part of the manual review after the pilot phase and further along in the project development.


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