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About Mind Body Boost.

Mind Body Boost is an evidence-based intervention, devised to support young people in managing their mental and physical health.

The project includes partners from six European countries and is co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus + Sport programme ‘To Encourage Social Inclusion and Equal Opportunities in Sport’.



Mind + Body.

The aim of the Mind Body Boost project is to encourage equality and inclusion by facilitating access to students who have low levels of physical activity and mental health issues, who for whatever reason through personal difficulties or other obstacles, have been limited opportunity or have been prevented from taking part in sport. After 2 successful pilot stages of a mind and body intervention programme in Trinity College Dublin and NUI Galway, the project now expands beyond Ireland to 6 European countries thanks to European funding under the Erasmus + programme.


The 6-week intervention programme aimed at third level students is co-designed by experts from both the sport and the counselling services and thus effectively integrates body and mind elements in a holistic intervention to improve student wellbeing.

Go to the project page using the button below to find out more about the project objectives, expected outcomes and methodology.

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