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Overwhelmingly positive student responses from first Mind Body Boost pilot interventions

As the pilot intervention stage of the Mind Body Boost project draws to a close, four of the six implementation hosting partners have completed their 6-week intervention. This was the first time that the material created for Mind Body Boost was utilised by the local teams. This included a local intervention manual containing Mind and Body session outlines and a specifically developed app utilised for wellness resource referral and participant data collection. Within the 6-week intervention schedule each weekly session saw the participants take part in 45 minutes of physical activity and 45 minutes of mental wellbeing training. Each session utilises a different area of mental and physical activation, providing an inclusive, engaging and dynamic introduction to the fields of mindfulness and physical activity.

Very high programme interest

Registration numbers across each European partner far exceeded the capacity for the project. For example, over 50 registrations were submitted for Trinity’s intervention and over 100 were submitted for Stirling’s local intervention demonstrated a high interest in the program and a real need for this type of supportive model. While registration numbers were high the programme is restricted by the capacity of the local teams to 25 participants, leading to a carefully curated selection process helmed by the counselling specialists of each partner to assure that the most at-risk students were supported.

75% self-assessed change in habits

The results of the interventions speak for themselves. In the collective assessment of response data, over 75% of participants register a change in their daily healthy habits since engaging with the project. The post programme survey data also shows an increase in daily physical activity, more engagement with wellbeing practices and a greater awareness of self-isolating behaviours.

Direct feedback from the participants:

‘It was really a game changer. I've wanted to start strength training and daily stretching for a few years now (!), and finally I got to it !!!! I am sure it is thanks to the program. Also in term of mental health, I learned a lot about self compassion’
‘I made friends and got myself exercising on a more regular basis. I found myself enjoying exercise without feeling the pressure of performance and I always felt a sense of achievement on finishing each session’
‘It was even better than expected I saw improvement in my mental health and physical condition’


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